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County seeking creative students

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - Updated: 8:37 AM
By Jody Norwood jnorwood@heraldledger.com

Lyon County is looking to curb littering along county roads, and is turning to local students to get the message out.

Judge-Executive Wade White said county leaders hope to find a student design to use on 10 new signs along local roads. The design needs to be in black ink on white paper, and simple enough to fit on a 3-foot by 3-foot sign. The design -- using words or images -- should encourage keeping Lyon County clean.

White said this fits into the county's overall effort to keep the area clean.

"The last two years we have changed the way we spend our grant money to pick up trash on the sides of roads in Lyon County," White said. "We also continue to pay nonprofit groups during Commonwealth Clean Up Week."

The annual event will be held this year during the week of March 18.

"We have used Chuck Spencer to take four inmates out on roads to pick up trash," White said. "This has been so efficient we spent less than planned and covered more roads than two years prior so we are using the final grant money to promote keeping Lyon clean.

"Many of us have great pride in how our roadways in Lyon County look but some mess that up by tossing trash out their windows. Not only is this illegal but also a major cost to us all and destroys the beauty we have in Lyon County. Whether someone is a local or a visitor we want them to know we take cleanliness of our roads in Lyon County seriously.

"I wanted to get students involved in drawing sign suggestions to help promote to them the importance of not littering and let them design signs. We have a deadline of Feb. 22."

White has worked with Lyon County High School teacher Zach Thomas. Thomas and local TSA students have been making signs for the county, which saves county money for taxpayers. Project money goes directly into the students' TSA club, which allows them to do events through the year.

In 2016, the county received $16,872.32 in litter abatement grants through the state. Neighboring Livingston County got $21,472.44 and Caldwell County, $19,149.61.

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