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Herald Ledger is a real gym

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - Updated: 2:13 PM
By Jody Norwood

In the newest installment of things that make me feel old comes Pokemon Go (you had to know that was coming) and the Herald’s recent summer employee Adam Redfern.

Anyone whose seen the Poke-zombies shambling around the last week or so already knows what the latest app craze is about (for those who don’t, never fear, we will get back to that). But many readers may not be familiar with Adam. 

Adam — a Caldwell County High School student and intern with the Princeton-Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce — helped the Herald Ledger out some this summer with selling ads.

For anyone who has ever ventured into selling anyone anything, you can appreciate how daunting of a job that can be.

And Adam tackled it pretty well, especially for a teenager.

Like many people too young to have seen new episodes of The Golden Girls, Adam knew about the Pokemon Go app fairly early.

For those not familiar with it, it’s an app you download to your phone. The app is based off a cartoon featuring weird, colorful animals that battle on behalf of their trainers. How does one become a trainer? Simply by walking around with balls the size of apples that reduce the animal down until it can squeeze inside, trapping it until it’s flung into mortal combat with other likewise shrunken, imprisoned critters.

No, that explanation doesn’t make much sense, but that’s pretty well the show in a nutshell.

Now, it comes to life with the app, which turns the user’s phone into a version of those shrinking balls.

Instead of “real” animals that shoot lightning or spew debilitating fumes, the trainers collect digital versions. And instead of tossing them into real life combat, users battle it out in gyms.

Gyms are — from what my old, feeble mind can grasp — virtual arenas for battling other trainers’ Pokemon. For people my age, think Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome with children’s stuffed animals.

They’re also apparently controlled by different factions. The gym falls under control of whichever faction has the most wins there.

I didn’t know any of this before last week. I also didn’t know that the Herald Ledger’s office is in fact a Pokemon Go gym.

Don’t get so excited you rush out to check, finish the column first. We aren’t going anywhere.

Which brings us back to Adam. 

In doing that small talk that one does when working in an office, Adam asked if I’d heard about Pokemon Go. I replied I had.

“Did you know this is a gym?” he asked.

Now’s the old part. Without knowing that he meant “gym,” I thought he was saying the Herald Ledger was a “gem.” I agreed with him, since, after all, I do think the Herald Ledger is a gem.

Apparently, though, it’s also a gym, which I found out later.

And that’s OK, too. Even though I doubt the Herald will have an Abra or a  Dewgong (yes, I had to look those up), we’re still pretty happy to have people standing aimlessly in our parking lot looking to battle it out.


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