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Start of school soapbox

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - Updated: 2:13 PM
By Jody Norwood

It’s time for students and teachers to react with the same horror that summer vacation is almost over.

Meanwhile, parents are breathing a sigh of relief at not having to find midday child care through the week or prepare 18 different lunches every day.

And it’s also time for unsolicited parenting advice.

Consider it a soapbox or just (hopefully) helpful suggestions. 

• Mornings are your one chance to make sure your child has a good day.

No matter how bad the night before was, how bad your head hurts the morning after or how much you’re dreading the day ahead, that hour or so before you send you child out into the world sets the tone for their day.

If you’re yelling about fumbling fingers getting jelly on their jeans or fuming about not being able to find two matching shoes, that’s going to be how they remember you all day. 

And that’s a good indicator of how they’re going to act that day.

Children are emotional mirrors.

If you start the day in a bad mood, there’s a good chance they will, too.

• Manners start at home.

If you want a child that’s respectful of others, teach those lessons at home.

Open the door for someone. Let a shopper with a few items go ahead of your mounded cart at the grocery.

Give thanks where it’s due.

Teachers are tasked with instructing students on a variety of things, but a child developing into a good person requires parents setting that example.

• Make time.

Whether it’s reading to a young one or asking an older student what they learned, make time for your children. It’s easy to think they want to forget the six hours of their day as much as you might want to forget the last eight hours at work, but it’s their day. If they don’t want to talk about it, they won’t.

If they do — and if they want to show you what they’ve learned — take the time.


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