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Lady Lyons fall in tough matches

Tuesday, September 06, 2016 - Updated: 9:51 AM
By Jennifer Haines Herald Ledger contributing writer

It was a grueling match for the Lady Lyons last Tuesday night against the Hopkins County Central Storm.

The junior varsity girls battled the raging Storm first, able to hold off their first goal for the first 16 minutes of the half. Caroline Rodgers was able to press through Lyon's defense for the first Hopkins Central goal of the night. From then on, the Storm raged out of control on the weary Lyons as they put five on the board in the first half.

The second half the JV Lady Lyons fared much better, only allowing two goals the entire half, but were never able to make any attempts successful. The Storm would take home the win 7-0.

Destiny Dycus topped the Lyon stats with seven attempts while Rose Smith had five followed by Christa Cummins and Sydney Hoffman both had two. Kelsey Driver, Sydney Hoffman, and Jordyn Schofield all racked up five intercepts for the Lady Lyons as well.

In the varsity girl’s game, the girls weren’t able to hold the Storm off for quite as long, but that wouldn’t be the fault of McKenzie Melton. Melton saved all four shot attempts in the first eight minutes of play with ease. It would be the penalty kick by Karigan Osborne as a result of a Lyon County foul that would begin the Storms five run scoring spree.

The Lyons never managed a goal attempt in the first half. The Storm led 5-0 at halftime.

Coming back from half time, the Lyon defense looked refreshed and offense determined. A pass from Morgan Stone to Caroline Hawkins just minutes into the second half would result in the Lyons first and only goal of the game. While the defense managed to hold the Storm off the first 20 minutes of the second half, lack of defensive substitutions left the Lyons struggling, while the Storm had fresh offense.

The Storm blew past Lyon's defense, putting four more goals into the net before the final whistle. The Storm advanced their record to 3-2 with a 9-1 win over Lyon County. Of the 20 attempts on the goal, Melton was able to stop 11, while Pinnegar and Baize each picked up an interception. Pinnegar also topped the charts with nine steals, followed by Kate Gray with eight and Savannah Putnam with seven.

In a varsity only matchup between the McLean County Lady Cougars and the Lyon County Lady Lyons, the action was fierce with both teams vying for their first win of the season.

Evenly matched, both team managed over 10 shots on the opposing goals. Lyon County’s Caroline Hawkins shot four, while Nicole Spindler had three, but neither were successful. A goal wouldn’t be scored until near the 2 minute mark when McLean County’s Savannah Cobb shot on the goal. Melton stopped the goal with an excellent block but the ball shifted as it took a second bounce causing it to narrowly miss Melton’s glove and slide into the left corner.

The Lyons would go into the half trailing by one. Seventeen minutes into the second half a mistake on Lyon defense would cause the second goal for McLean County. Underestimating the speed of the Lady Cougar offense, Lyon defenders allowed Myla Scott to squeak by and take a shot on the goal. Melton’s leap was unable to save the high ball. The Cougars now led by two.

With 7 minutes left in the game, Nicole Spindler attacked the Cougar defense and didn’t let up. A pass from midfielder Mia Meyers put Spindler in scoring position and just like that the Lyons were on the board and back in the game and Nicole Spindler scored her first ever goal! Seeing a burst in Lyon energy, McLean locked down their defense better than ever and managed to stop everything that came their way.

The Lyons would suffer another loss 2-1. Melton had a total of 15 shots on the goal, 13 of which she intercepted while Kate Gray intercepted two as well. Maddie Baize racked up 11 steals for Lyon County, followed by Alexis Pinnegar with seven and Charlie Green with four.

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